Morning Lust with Lilly

This month we shot several scenes at an amazing location in the Hollywood Hills. More importantly was our subject. This beautiful girl Lilly has not done a boy-girl scene in a long time, but decided to make an exception for us.

Every once in a while you come across a girl that has a very familiar vibe. Almost like the "girl next door", but much cuter and way more intriguing. Our first scene was Lilly by herself in a circular chair called Forever 21. She wowed us by showing off every curve of her sexy young body. Then upon sitting, the mood heated up as she discovered her glass toy.

As we were already very happy with the images and video from this first setup, we couldn't have expected anything more from her. But the interactions between her and Chad at the beginning of the next scene were so real and connected that we knew this would be gold. Take a look for yourself at the photo set Morning Lust with Chad and Lilly, they get together in a bedroom with a beautiful view. They start kissing and an incredibly hot passionate sex scene follows.

Our preferred method of shooting is using natural light, augmented with a little extra HMI to fill in some shadows. In this case, our cloudy skies gave us the softest of lighting wrapping around, and one light placed to the right and well diffused provides the perfect effect. Two Canon 5D Mark II cameras roll at the same time, making sure to capture the best angles of the action. Combining good artistic taste with erotic imagery is something that we can all agree results in amazing quality work.

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Ever since early man painted a voluptuous woman on the wall of his cave, people have been creating and enjoying erotica. The history of art that arouses us parallels the history of the media, quickly expanding into each new format as it becomes available. Highly sexual imagery grew from primitive art to literature, photography and motion pictures.

Through the ages erotic art has not only become more accessible, it’s gotten hotter and hotter. The Sexual Revolution helped us come to realize that active human sexuality shouldn’t be forbidden, but rather celebrated. Sexy is healthy.

The accessibility of new media has led to a deluge of sexual imagery on the Internet. The key variable has been quality.

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