The answer is that erotic videos can be more like movies, case in point check out the trailer for our new film Cat and Mouse. Click the button above to see it. Just finished editing this erotic movie that features Stephanie and Dennis. It was really a blast to shoot.

This cinematic adventure captures a chase through the picturesque streets of Prague. The movie opens with the blonde beauty Stephanie being stalked by a mysterious stranger. She becomes aware that she’s being followed, and seems unsettled. As night is falling she hurries to get to her apartment. Is it a one time dangerous rendezvous or a sexy role-playing game? find out when you watch the full length version of Cat and Mouse at At Erotic Snap we are continuing to ramp up our content and always striving for the best quality of models and production values possible. If you are not already a member Join Us Now at to see this video and many others.