These two adorable young babes had a fantastic connection during this shoot. In their new scene Litte Darlings, it all started innocently enough, with them feeding each other ice cream in a beautiful penthouse loft. I was in awe as they sensuously sucked the ice cream off the spoon like hungry kittens.

Their interactions were so personal and intimate as they teased and fed it to one another. Caprice enjoys it when Megan licks ice cream off her tits. Her pert nipples are sure evidence. It took very little effort on my part to persuade them to dive into each other.

Between shots the girls bonded over conversations offstage. They have a lot in common in addition to being top erotic models, and had fun coming together that day.

The sugar high started kicking in just as Megan was becoming aroused and wet. On a hot day, any place is a good place to put ice cream, and this day just kept getting hotter.

Caprice licks down Megan’s thigh and pretty pussy, making her moan like she’s in heaven. Megan, goes down on Caprice, giving her an intense orgasm. Wow what a great shoot with these exquisitely beautiful girls.

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