Have you ever had a threesome?

Have you ever had sex with a girl from behind, while watching her pleasure another girl orally? Or ladies, in the middle of passionate sex with your man, while being caressed and kissed by a beautiful woman too? We recently shot and extremely hot threesome scene a called "Double Team", This is one you will not want to miss.

After a night out, Jacob returns home with his sexy blonde girlfriend Victoria, and they quickly get down to business. Within minutes Victoria's shy beautiful roommate Mia pops in the room to join in on the action. And so develops a beautiful threesome of passionate sex.

We thought this scene would be a bit tricky to shoot due to the added person, but our models had such a good natural chemistry they got into it very naturally. Even before we were rolling, they were happily getting into the positions on their own. After the evening was done, they all left together at the same time. I think they went home to continue exploring. This is just one the many scenes you can see at eroticsnap.com. If you’re not a member of eroticsnap.com Join Now to see all of the incredible scenes.


Access Hollywood

Capri Anderson walked in the door as any of our fresh young performers do before shooting: great attitude, looking very cute, and ready to work. Having had a strong start in the scene after her publicized stints with well-known Hollywood types, she is a confident girl who is in touch with her sexuality.

Right when we started shooting, this is when it happened. She turns it on in the blink of an eye. Moving seductively for us, her beautiful sexual poses made it a very easy set, and we couldn’t wait to see how she would perform with Preston in her boy-girl scene.

As the sky faded into deep blue, we began shooting video between Capri and her man. In the warm bedroom removing her dress, she gets on the ottoman and starts sucking his rock hard cock. He loves it so much that when we ‘cut’ to change angles, he exclaims “Wow… She is really good at that!”. We continue as they get naked and have thunderous sex right in front of the windows. This girl could bend into all the right positions for him to ram her rhythmically into an ecstatic orgasm. Eyes tight shut, her moans reach a climax as she is barely able to get the words out “I’m… cumming…!”

It’s hard to say what our favorite part of the job is, but seeing a beautiful scene unravel right in front of our eyes is definitely one of them. You won’t want to miss this photo set, titled Sexcapade. And if you enjoy that, the video is coming soon. Join Now if you aren’t a member already so you can see all the erotic movies at eroticsnap.com


 Sexting  Behind the Scenes

With a little bit of storyline, an erotic movie can become interesting and engage the viewer with a personal connection. How many times have you found yourself contacting a past lover in order to rekindle a little flame? Or you see each other in person and get a little hint; whether it be prolonged eye-contact, a flirtatious comment, or a special touch that makes your heart jump. It's all too familiar, in just the right way.

Our latest hot movie from eroticsnap.com called "Sexting" shows Teal in action teasing Chad. They haven't seen each other in a while, and this girl wants a little chase. Her texts become more and more descriptive, and she knows it is driving him crazy. After a brief exchange, he thinks he won't see her, and just then Teal comes confidently walking in the door.

Is this how your connections were? This mating dance turns out to be very steamy, and you won't want to miss it. Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to reignite something you have been thinking about... if you are not already a member of eroticsnap.com, join now to check out all our of our amazingly exclusive content.


The answer is that erotic videos can be more like movies, case in point check out the trailer for our new film Cat and Mouse. Click the button above to see it. Just finished editing this erotic movie that features Stephanie and Dennis. It was really a blast to shoot.

This cinematic adventure captures a chase through the picturesque streets of Prague. The movie opens with the blonde beauty Stephanie being stalked by a mysterious stranger. She becomes aware that she’s being followed, and seems unsettled. As night is falling she hurries to get to her apartment. Is it a one time dangerous rendezvous or a sexy role-playing game? find out when you watch the full length version of Cat and Mouse at eroticsnap.com. At Erotic Snap we are continuing to ramp up our content and always striving for the best quality of models and production values possible. If you are not already a member Join Us Now at eroticsnap.com to see this video and many others.


Erotic Snap Expanding to Include Hot Girl on Guy Action!

First off, we want to thank all of our members for your support. We're editing some fantastic new movies that will be up on the site soon which include some incredible new models. In July we will start posting some new high-end content we shot in Europe involving guy-girl sex scenes. We are very excited about this new direction.

The first scene coming up is with Lola and Patrik, called Love In the Afternoon. As with all the videos on our site, we capture raw emotions and a real connection between our models. Just imagine the beautiful erotic imagery of these sexy young girls hooking up with guys.

We will still keep a constant flow of our hot girls masturbating and having lesbian sex with each other, but we will also be adding this amazing new bonus content. If you are not already a member of eroticsnap.com, join now. Stunning young models are just waiting for you to check them out.


We just finished shooting another set with Shyla, an extremely cute and sexy brunette with a great attitude, I was honestly impressed. She was a blast to shoot. A real tight babe who is comfortable showing off her young pussy. Shyla’s a great new addition to the eroticsnap.com site.

Along with her solo set I shot an unbelievably passionate scene with her and Riley, another hot young model. Sometimes the girls are apprehensive about who they work with, but in this case they ended up truly liking each other. They really got off on the naughty lesbian action, and didn’t want to stop.

The girl on girl images they created together were like lusty erotic art. In our movie called “Twosome” these titillating lovers took extra care with one another, and they made sure to give each other real orgasms.

On the camera side of things I am currently shooting with some really tricked-out Canon 5D Mark II cameras with all of the Zacuto and Red Rock accessories. It is amazing what this camera can do. The models look so incredibly beautiful. Can’t wait to get the new Canon 5D Mark III camera.

Shyla and Riley are two sexy girls who have to been seen to be believed. If you are not a member, check them out on the site NOW!


Behind the Camera with a Fashion Nude

One of our intriguing finds in Prague was Defrancesca, a tall, tan young beauty with a slamming body and seductive blue eyes. She is pictured above being attended to by our hair and makeup artist.

This olive skinned babe takes the prize for dark and sexy. Her long delicious legs and outrageous round ass make her one of our frontrunners.

She was energetic and upbeat all day, and she kept everyone on the set smiling. Never once was she inhibited by the required explicit nudity.

I shot her with dripping wet hair hanging partly over her drop dead gorgeous face in a photo set called Body Heat. She hit her marks and poses like a pro, and really enjoyed shooting our glamor erotica. As she gazed into the camera I could not look away from those alluring eyes.

When she began to rub baby oil into her skin she became noticeably aroused. I shot stunning close-ups that capture the oil as it lands on her buff abdomen, tight ass, and firm breasts. I must say that this was an unusually captivating shoot.

See all the sexy photos now on eroticsnapcom.


These two adorable young babes had a fantastic connection during this shoot. In their new scene Litte Darlings, it all started innocently enough, with them feeding each other ice cream in a beautiful penthouse loft. I was in awe as they sensuously sucked the ice cream off the spoon like hungry kittens.

Their interactions were so personal and intimate as they teased and fed it to one another. Caprice enjoys it when Megan licks ice cream off her tits. Her pert nipples are sure evidence. It took very little effort on my part to persuade them to dive into each other.

Between shots the girls bonded over conversations offstage. They have a lot in common in addition to being top erotic models, and had fun coming together that day.

The sugar high started kicking in just as Megan was becoming aroused and wet. On a hot day, any place is a good place to put ice cream, and this day just kept getting hotter.

Caprice licks down Megan’s thigh and pretty pussy, making her moan like she’s in heaven. Megan, goes down on Caprice, giving her an intense orgasm. Wow what a great shoot with these exquisitely beautiful girls.

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In Prague the girls kept coming.  This photo shows Klara, one of our brand new, adorable teenage beauties.  She said she had to skip school to make it to our shoot.

Another high school sweetheart, this tall, blonde-haired blue-eyed darling has long sexy legs that lead all the way up to a sweet shaved pussy.

When she’s not reading or studying languages, Klara told me she works in her family business and picks up modeling gigs when she can.  She gave us an absolutely unforgettable bathtub scene with her favorite toy.

Klara showed a lot of patience on the set.  She truly appreciated the time and care we put into producing our high quality work.

Few people know about Klara’s double life as a new erotic starlet.  She is extensively into her own sexuality for such a young girl, and she knows her way around a dildo like an all star.  So young and tight and already having multiple  orgasms.  If you like girls masturbating to erotic ecstasy you’ll want to have a look at this beautiful scene.

Check her out in this set called "Barefoot Beauty". We are deep into photo and video editing and will be posting more of Klara soon at eroticsnap.com.